Sunday School

We have children from the ages of 3 to 17 years. They are in 4 departments. Namely; Beginners, Primary, Junior and Seniors. Over 200 children attend the Sunday school. We have over 40 helpers and teachers that volunteer in this ministry. We meet on Sundays at 8:45 am. If you are in this age group, we really like to have you attending Sunday school. Please speak to one of the stewards at the church entrance and they will be happy to direct you.

Tuesday Kids Club

We meet in every Tuesday at 3:30 pm in the Scott Hall. This is a ministry for street kids. We teach them English and help the in any other school work. They have a time of games and a nice meal when they come. If you like to volunteer. Please call the church office on 0112 573280 for details or please feel free to drop in on a Tuesday.

Saturday Bible School

Saturday Bible School is ministry that commenced to cater to some of the children living in and around Kollupitiya. We meet on Saturdays at 3:30 pm in the Scott Hall. Over 25 children attend. They have a time of games, fellowship and have an opportunity to study the Bible If you like to volunteer. Please call the church office on 0112 573280 for details or please feel free to drop in on a Saturday.


Youth Fellowship (YF)

YF meets every Sunday at 10.45 am. The age limit is 14 to 23 years. We have a time of worship, games and fellowship. The Sunday's programme also includes either Bible study, discussion or a message. YF also meets in small groups on different days of the week for Bible study and Prayer.

Young Adult Fellowship (YAF)

The YAF is for the age group 21 to 35 years. YAF Mission statement The KMC YAF aims to be a community where authentic relationships flourish, committed to a biblical worldview and to deepening discipleship, to promote a vibrant Christian counterculture that speaks and acts with relevance to the times.
YAF Vision statement: "Following Christ Impacting the World" YAF meetings are scheduled to commence on Fridays.


The Adult's ministries are responsible for all programmes related to adults and elders. They arrange events that address issues faced by adults and elders in contemporary times. Special programmes for elders are also arranged by them.

The Adults Fellowship meets on 2nd Tuesday at 7 pm and the Senior Friends Fellowship meets every 1at Saturday at 9.00 am


The women's ministries come under the Methodist Women's Fellowship (MWF). They are responsible for programmes related to women in church. Some of them are;
• To address Issues faced by women in society especially related to domestic violence etc.
• To encourage women to take up leadership position in church and society.
• To address contemporary issues faced by women in and around the church.
• To engage in Christian care activities.

The MWF meets on the last Monday of the month at 6.00 pm


KMC has several house groups in different geographical locations. They meet regularly for prayer, Bible study and fellowship.

Would you like to know whether:
• There is House Group close to where you live
• You could join a House Group
Please feel free to get in touch through –


In the 1970s Rev Arnold Cooper, the then Minister of KMC, put into place a system of boards to facilitate the ministries of KMC. One of the original boards is the Board of Worship.

The Board of Worship is responsibility for the worship services and related activities of KMC. These include the Sunday services, special services and the Rev George Good Memorial Bible Expositions, among others. For this purpose the BoW has under its purview the Music Ministry of the English congregation and the worship teams of the Tamil and Sinhala congregations. The BoW also works with the preaching team to plan the teaching during the year at the Sunday services, as well as during Lent. Typically a sermon series is planned for each quarter.

The Rev George Good Memorial Bible Expositions are held annually as KMC's gift of Bible teaching to the wider church in Colombo and suburbs. They are named in honour of Rev George Good, KMC's pastor in the 1960s, who preaching had a great impact on those who heard him.

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